Source code for sympy.physics.quantum.circuitplot

"""Matplotlib based plotting of quantum circuits.


* Optimize printing of large circuits.
* Get this to work with single gates.
* Do a better job checking the form of circuits to make sure it is a Mul of
* Get multi-target gates plotting.
* Get initial and final states to plot.
* Get measurements to plot. Might need to rethink measurement as a gate
* Get scale and figsize to be handled in a better way.
* Write some tests/examples!

from sympy import Mul
from sympy.external import import_module
from sympy.physics.quantum.gate import Gate

__all__ = [

np = import_module('numpy', min_python_version=(2, 6))
matplotlib = import_module('matplotlib', __import__kwargs={'fromlist':['pyplot']},
    catch=(RuntimeError,)) # This is raised in environments that have no display.

if not np or not matplotlib:
    class CircuitPlot(object):
        def __init__(*args, **kwargs):
            raise ImportError('numpy or matplotlib not available.')

    def circuit_plot(*args, **kwargs):
        raise ImportError('numpy or matplotlib not available.')

    pyplot = matplotlib.pyplot
    Line2D = matplotlib.lines.Line2D
    Circle = matplotlib.patches.Circle

[docs] class CircuitPlot(object): """A class for managing a circuit plot.""" scale = 1.0 fontsize = 20.0 linewidth = 1.0 control_radius = 0.05 not_radius = 0.15 swap_delta = 0.05 def __init__(self, c, nqubits, **kwargs): self.circuit = c self.ngates = len(self.circuit.args) self.nqubits = nqubits self.update(kwargs) self._create_grid() self._create_figure() self._plot_wires() self._plot_gates() self._finish()
[docs] def update(self, kwargs): """Load the kwargs into the instance dict.""" self.__dict__.update(kwargs)
def _create_grid(self): """Create the grid of wires.""" scale = self.scale wire_grid = np.arange(0.0,self.nqubits*scale,scale,dtype=float) gate_grid = np.arange(0.0,self.ngates*scale,scale,dtype=float) self._wire_grid = wire_grid self._gate_grid = gate_grid def _create_figure(self): """Create the main matplotlib figure.""" self._figure = pyplot.figure( figsize=(self.ngates*self.scale,self.nqubits*self.scale), facecolor='w', edgecolor='w' ) ax = self._figure.add_subplot( 1,1,1, frameon=True ) ax.set_axis_off() offset = 0.5*self.scale ax.set_xlim(self._gate_grid[0]-offset,self._gate_grid[-1]+offset) ax.set_ylim(self._wire_grid[0]-offset,self._wire_grid[-1]+offset) ax.set_aspect('equal') self._axes = ax def _plot_wires(self): """Plot the wires of the circuit diagram.""" xstart = self._gate_grid[0] xstop = self._gate_grid[-1] xdata = (xstart-self.scale, xstop+self.scale) for i in range(self.nqubits): ydata = (self._wire_grid[i], self._wire_grid[i]) line = Line2D( xdata,ydata, color='k', lw=self.linewidth ) self._axes.add_line(line) def _plot_gates(self): """Iterate through the gates and plot each of them.""" gates = [] if isinstance(self.circuit, Mul): for g in reversed(self.circuit.args): if isinstance(g, Gate): gates.append(g) elif isinstance(self.circuit, Gate): gates.append(self.circuit) for i, gate in enumerate(gates): gate.plot_gate(self, i) def _finish(self): # Disable clipping to make panning work well for large circuits. for o in self._figure.findobj(): o.set_clip_on(False)
[docs] def one_qubit_box(self, t, gate_idx, wire_idx): """Draw a box for a single qubit gate.""" x = self._gate_grid[gate_idx] y = self._wire_grid[wire_idx] self._axes.text( x, y, t, color='k', ha='center', va='center', bbox = dict(ec='k',fc='w',fill=True,lw=self.linewidth), size=self.fontsize )
[docs] def control_line(self, gate_idx, min_wire, max_wire): """Draw a vertical control line.""" xdata = (self._gate_grid[gate_idx], self._gate_grid[gate_idx]) ydata = (self._wire_grid[min_wire], self._wire_grid[max_wire]) line = Line2D( xdata,ydata, color='k', lw=self.linewidth ) self._axes.add_line(line)
[docs] def control_point(self, gate_idx, wire_idx): """Draw a control point.""" x = self._gate_grid[gate_idx] y = self._wire_grid[wire_idx] radius = self.control_radius c = Circle( (x,y), radius*self.scale, ec='k', fc='k', fill=True, lw=self.linewidth ) self._axes.add_patch(c)
[docs] def not_point(self, gate_idx, wire_idx): """Draw a NOT gates as the circle with plus in the middle.""" x = self._gate_grid[gate_idx] y = self._wire_grid[wire_idx] radius = self.not_radius c = Circle( (x,y), radius, ec='k', fc='w', fill=False, lw=self.linewidth ) self._axes.add_patch(c) l = Line2D( (x,x),(y-radius,y+radius), color='k', lw=self.linewidth ) self._axes.add_line(l)
[docs] def swap_point(self, gate_idx, wire_idx): """Draw a swap point as a cross.""" x = self._gate_grid[gate_idx] y = self._wire_grid[wire_idx] d = self.swap_delta l1 = Line2D( (x-d,x+d), (y-d,y+d), color='k', lw=self.linewidth ) l2 = Line2D( (x-d,x+d), (y+d,y-d), color='k', lw=self.linewidth ) self._axes.add_line(l1) self._axes.add_line(l2)
[docs] def circuit_plot(c, nqubits, **kwargs): """Draw the circuit diagram for the circuit with nqubits. Parameters ========== c : circuit The circuit to plot. Should be a product of Gate instances. nqubits : int The number of qubits to include in the circuit. Must be at least as big as the largest `min_qubits`` of the gates. """ return CircuitPlot(c, nqubits, **kwargs)