SymPy Papers

A list of papers which either use or mention SymPy, as well as presentations given about SymPy at conferences can be seen at SymPy Papers.

Planet SymPy

We have a blog agregator at http://planet.sympy.org

SymPy logos

SymPy has a collection of official logos, which can be accessed here:


The license of all the logos is the same as SymPy: BSD. See the LICENSE file in the trunk for more information.

Projects using SymPy

This is an (incomplete) list of projects that use SymPy. If you use SymPy in your project, please let us know on our mailinglist, so that we can add your project here as well.

  • SfePy (simple finite elements in Python)
  • Quameon (Quantum Monte Carlo in Python)

Blogs, News, Magazines

You can see a list of blogs/news/magazines mentioning SymPy (that we know of) on our wiki page.

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