Source code for sympy.polys.domains.compositedomain

"""Implementation of :class:`CompositeDomain` class. """

from __future__ import print_function, division

from sympy.polys.domains.domain import Domain
from sympy.polys.polyerrors import GeneratorsError

from sympy.utilities import public
from sympy.utilities.magic import pollute

[docs]class CompositeDomain(Domain): """Base class for composite domains, e.g. ZZ[x], ZZ(X). """ is_Composite = True gens, ngens, symbols, domain = [None]*4
[docs] def inject(self, *symbols): """Inject generators into this domain. """ if not (set(self.symbols) & set(symbols)): return self.__class__(self.domain, self.symbols + symbols, self.order) else: raise GeneratorsError("common generators in %s and %s" % (self.symbols, symbols))