Source code for sympy.utilities.source

This module adds several functions for interactive source code inspection.

from __future__ import print_function, division

import inspect

[docs]def source(object): """ Prints the source code of a given object. """ print('In file: %s' % inspect.getsourcefile(object)) print(inspect.getsource(object))
[docs]def get_class(lookup_view): """ Convert a string version of a class name to the object. For example, get_class('sympy.core.Basic') will return class Basic located in module sympy.core """ if isinstance(lookup_view, str): lookup_view = lookup_view mod_name, func_name = get_mod_func(lookup_view) if func_name != '': lookup_view = getattr( __import__(mod_name, {}, {}, ['*']), func_name) if not callable(lookup_view): raise AttributeError( "'%s.%s' is not a callable." % (mod_name, func_name)) return lookup_view
[docs]def get_mod_func(callback): """ splits the string path to a class into a string path to the module and the name of the class. For example: >>> from sympy.utilities.source import get_mod_func >>> get_mod_func('sympy.core.basic.Basic') ('sympy.core.basic', 'Basic') """ dot = callback.rfind('.') if dot == -1: return callback, '' return callback[:dot], callback[dot + 1:]