Debug code for Geometric Algebra

Function Reference

sympy.galgebra.debug.ostr(obj, dict_mode=False)[source]

Recursively convert iterated object (list/tuple/dict/set) to string.

sympy.galgebra.debug.oprint(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Debug printing for iterated (list/tuple/dict/set) objects. args is of form (title1,object1,title2,object2,...) and prints:

title1 = object1 title2 = object2 ...

If you only wish to print a title set object = None.

sympy.galgebra.debug.print_product_table(title, keys, pdict, op='*', blade_rep=True)[source]

Print product dictionary, pdict, according to order of keys in keys

sympy.galgebra.debug.print_sub_table(title, keys, sdict, blade_rep=True)[source]

Print substitution dictionary, sdict, according to order of keys in keys

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