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"""Implementation of :class:`IntegerRing` class. """

from __future__ import print_function, division

from import Ring
from import SimpleDomain
from import CharacteristicZero

from sympy.utilities import public

import math

[docs]class IntegerRing(Ring, CharacteristicZero, SimpleDomain): """General class for integer rings. """ rep = 'ZZ' is_IntegerRing = is_ZZ = True is_Numerical = True is_PID = True has_assoc_Ring = True has_assoc_Field = True
[docs] def get_field(self): """Returns a field associated with ``self``. """ from import QQ return QQ
[docs] def algebraic_field(self, *extension): r"""Returns an algebraic field, i.e. `\mathbb{Q}(\alpha, \ldots)`. """ return self.get_field().algebraic_field(*extension)
[docs] def from_AlgebraicField(K1, a, K0): """Convert a ``ANP`` object to ``dtype``. """ if a.is_ground: return K1.convert(a.LC(), K0.dom)
[docs] def log(self, a, b): """Returns b-base logarithm of ``a``. """ return self.dtype(math.log(int(a), b))