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"""Implementaton of :class:`PythonIntegerRing` class. """

from __future__ import print_function, division

from import IntegerRing
from import (
    PythonInteger, SymPyInteger, python_sqrt,
    python_factorial, python_gcdex, python_gcd, python_lcm,

from sympy.polys.polyerrors import CoercionFailed
from sympy.utilities import public

[docs]class PythonIntegerRing(IntegerRing): """Integer ring based on Python's ``int`` type. """ dtype = PythonInteger zero = dtype(0) one = dtype(1) alias = 'ZZ_python' def __init__(self): """Allow instantiation of this domain. """ def to_sympy(self, a): """Convert ``a`` to a SymPy object. """ return SymPyInteger(a) def from_sympy(self, a): """Convert SymPy's Integer to ``dtype``. """ if a.is_Integer: return PythonInteger(a.p) elif a.is_Float and int(a) == a: return PythonInteger(int(a)) else: raise CoercionFailed("expected an integer, got %s" % a) def from_FF_python(K1, a, K0): """Convert ``ModularInteger(int)`` to Python's ``int``. """ return a.to_int() def from_ZZ_python(K1, a, K0): """Convert Python's ``int`` to Python's ``int``. """ return a def from_QQ_python(K1, a, K0): """Convert Python's ``Fraction`` to Python's ``int``. """ if a.denominator == 1: return a.numerator def from_FF_gmpy(K1, a, K0): """Convert ``ModularInteger(mpz)`` to Python's ``int``. """ return PythonInteger(a.to_int()) def from_ZZ_gmpy(K1, a, K0): """Convert GMPY's ``mpz`` to Python's ``int``. """ return PythonInteger(a) def from_QQ_gmpy(K1, a, K0): """Convert GMPY's ``mpq`` to Python's ``int``. """ if a.denom() == 1: return PythonInteger(a.numer()) def from_RealField(K1, a, K0): """Convert mpmath's ``mpf`` to Python's ``int``. """ p, q = K0.to_rational(a) if q == 1: return PythonInteger(p) def gcdex(self, a, b): """Compute extended GCD of ``a`` and ``b``. """ return python_gcdex(a, b) def gcd(self, a, b): """Compute GCD of ``a`` and ``b``. """ return python_gcd(a, b) def lcm(self, a, b): """Compute LCM of ``a`` and ``b``. """ return python_lcm(a, b) def sqrt(self, a): """Compute square root of ``a``. """ return python_sqrt(a) def factorial(self, a): """Compute factorial of ``a``. """ return python_factorial(a)