Source code for sympy.parsing.latex

from sympy.external import import_module

from .errors import LaTeXParsingError  # noqa

[docs]def parse_latex(s): r"""Converts the string ``s`` to a SymPy ``Expr`` Parameters ========== s : str The LaTeX string to parse. In Python source containing LaTeX, *raw strings* (denoted with `r''`, like this one) are preferred, as LaTeX makes liberal use of the ``\`` character, which would trigger escaping in normal Python strings. >>> from sympy.parsing.latex import parse_latex # doctest: +SKIP >>> expr = parse_latex(r"\frac {1 + \sqrt {\a}} {\b}") # doctest: +SKIP >>> expr # doctest: +SKIP (sqrt(a) + 1)/b >>> expr.evalf(4, subs=dict(a=5, b=2)) # doctest: +SKIP 1.618 """ _latex = import_module( 'sympy.parsing.latex._parse_latex_antlr', __import__kwargs={'fromlist': ['X']}) if _latex is not None: return _latex.parse_latex(s)