Welcome to SymPy’s documentation!

A PDF version of these docs can be found here.

SymPy is a Python library for symbolic mathematics. If you are new to SymPy, start with the Tutorial.

This is the central page for all of SymPy’s documentation.

SymPy Tutorials

Tutorials introduce Sympy features to people who are new to the project. It includes installation instructons, a basic introduction to Sympy operations and common gotchas.

How-to Guides

These are step-by-step intructions on how to do different key developer tasks. It details instructions on installing SymPy from source for development. The development setup and workflow is also discussed with elaborate details on debugging, building the docs, and general guidelines on writing documentation and docstrings.


Intermediate SymPy users and developers should reference this category of documentation for common pitfalls and advanced topics. The core SymPy features like variables, functions, symbolic expressions are detailed but it does not completely exhaust all SymPy operations.

SymPy API Reference

This category has a detailed description of the SymPy API, it discusses what the different functions and modules do, their arguments and return values.