API Reference

This section contains a summary of SymPy modules, functions, classes, and methods. All functions and objects implemented in the sympy core subpackage are documented below.


Contains a description of operations for the basic modules. Subcategories include: absolute basics, manipulation, assumptions, functions, simplification, calculus, solvers, and some other subcategories.

Code Generation

Contains a description of methods for the generation of compilable and executable code.


Contains method details for the logic and sets modules.


Discusses methods for the matrices, tensor and vector modules.

Number Theory

Documents methods for the Number theory module.


Contains documentation for Physics methods.


Contains docstrings for methods of several utility modules. Subcategories include: Interactive, Parsing, Printing, Testing, Utilities.


Contains method docstrings for several modules. Subcategories include : Plotting, Polynomials, Geometry, Category Theory, Cryptography, Differential, Holonomic, Lie Algebra, and Stats.